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Why EuroChek®, Why ICI, Why MBRS

The EuroChek® Advantage

Average Pre-employment Screening Company ICI Mass Background & Recurrent Screening (MBRS)
Single or multiple sources are used, most are "Information Brokers", do no treatment of the data Data from many sources is aggregated using patent technologies that enhance the value of the data
Analysis is done entirely by humans, can be very slow Post-processing analysis is done electronically, with human oversight
Reports are ordered by fax, phone, or web interface. Generally, non-instant and are delayed. Slows down review process, increases cost of labor to DB Use of "seamless ordering architecture', so DB can order and receive reports right from its desktop on an instant basis
  • ICI dedicated to legal, investigative and intelligence gathering "Communities of Practice" with continuous partnership building in industry and over 25 years in the industry.
  • Real-time information verified and transmitted to the client.
  • Competitive pricing offers greater value for return product.
  • Personalized relationship with client assures interest in protecting security, liability and risk.

The ICI Advantage

Average Pre-employment Screening Company ICI Mass Background & Recurrent Screening (MBRS)
Basic personal information check
(One address, one credit company)
Information verification
(Full address history, full credit history)
Basic Report and Display
( One-two page)
Customized Report and Display
(Full report with screen shots of data)
Delay on delivery of data Instant delivery of data
Limited sources of information
(Only one or two databases)
Comprehensive sources of info
(Access to over 1400 databases all online)
One time screening Continuous screening
No driving record access Comprehensive driving record access
No FCRA, DPPA or Sarbanes-Oxley Full FCRA, DPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley

What is Mass Recurrent Background Screening, MRBS?

  • Continuous background information gathered on all employees.
  • Occurs every 6 months to capture credit history, driving history, media references, financial information and derogatory data.
  • Full and comprehensive report customized for client, including both electronic and HUMINT.
  • Fully compliant with FCRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB and DPPA.

Why is MRBS important?

  1. MRBS allows continuous monitoring of employees for potentially adverse events:
    Reduces corporate risk and saves money.
  2. MRBS captures any negative events in employees life after hire:
    Reduces corporate risk and liability.
  3. Instant reporting gives corporation high investment return on human capital retention and loss prevention:
    Gives clients the competitive edge.
  4. Automated application so all employees names and identifiers can be loaded instantly. System is entirely convertible for use as Pre-Employment Background and Screening Tool:
    Cuts down on human mistakes, speeds up application process, cuts labor costs.

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