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Data Content of EuroChek®

Included into the product design is a system that sweeps across over 1,220 databases in the UK and elsewhere, but focuses on the following kinds of data centers:

    Swiss Bank in Bern Switzerland and A Credit Card on a Keyboard
  1. Associated companies
  2. Bankers
  3. Call credit SHARE database
  4. Capital structure and shareholdings
  5. County Court Judgments
  6. Credit Appraisal and Conclusion*
  7. Date of Incorporation
  8. Description of premises
  9. Directors Database
  10. Driving License
  11. Electoral Rolls from 2001 to current
  12. Equifax Europe
  13. Equipment owned
  14. Extracts from or full balance sheets (if available) obtained from official registries or directly from the company
  15. Financial Information that is self-confessed or reported by the company and others
  16. Full details of business activities
  17. Business Balance Sheet and Different Identity Verification
  18. Halo Mortality check
  19. Historical information, change of ownership
  20. Insight - a special credit association database
  21. Legal Status and History
  22. Legal status, Company number and trading style
  23. Names and job titles of senior company personnel
  24. Names of directors, shareholders or proprietors
  25. Number of employees
  26. Operational activities and description of business
  27. OSIS Phone Files
  28. Ownership and Management
  29. Passport
  30. Registered address
  31. Registered mortgages and charges
  32. Royal Mail Address File
  33. Telephone Numbers

*Opinion based on the payment experience of trade suppliers, banks, known public record details of any court action and protested bills.

Over 80 additional database sources, mixes and formulations that are proprietary to ICI that cull information from all national anti-money laundering, bank fraud, anti-terrorism identification databases, and KYC information silos.

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