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EuroChek® - Advanced Global Immigration and Identity Verification System

EuroChek® is intended for those that have a certifiable Permissible Purpose to conduct searches on individuals and businesses to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and International Due Diligence requirements. This product uses technology that aggregates data from disparate database centers around the world, as well as a name-matching algorithm identifying relatives, associates, neighbors, telephone numbers and co-joined businesses.

EuroChek® is intended for law firms, financial institutions, banks, and government agencies seeking to verify the identity of a person or company operating in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, or the Falkland Islands. Other countries will be added soon.

Identify Possible Fraud Offenders

Just one fraudulent transaction can cost a company thousands of dollars and result in serious losses to hard earned reputation. EuroChek®, the advanced global immigration and identity verification system including access to a dynamic cross section of highly cleansed and cross-referenced datasets helps you to identify possible fraud offenders.

EuroChek®'s EU data spans from 2001 when all residents of the UK had to be listed on the Electoral Rolls. This is combined with the OSIS (Directory Enquiries) for live, real-time validation, (including X-Directory phone file), and Vast Business and Directorship coverage from Sole Traders to PLC’s through accessibility to Equifax, Experian, D&B, Thomson’s Local Business, OSIS and ER – all simultaneously and instantly.

Customers new to EuroChek® consistently report that it is faster and more flexible than previous systems they have used. It is helped by the speed of our secure extranet servers plus the comprehensive links between databases and different search functions. This speed and flexibility means more pre-qualified business and improved efficiency.

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