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Main Elements Verified in EuroChek®

Elements What is verified How it is verified
 Address  Deliverable
 Residential or business
 Match to full name/surname
 Phone Number  Area code/format
 Prefix to zip
 Cell phone or pager
 Residential or business
 Match to full name/surname and/or address
 Social Security Number  Format
 Issued - includes state and years of issuance
 Match to full name/surname and/or address
 Based on full SSN or last four
 Drivers License  Format correct for state  Match to full name/surname and/or address
 Uses actual databases for most states
 Date of Birth  Full DOB or year only  Match to input
 Comparison to SSN (if provided)

Foreign Identity Verification Model

  • Instant verification of names, addresses and telephone numbers of both Residential and Business entities, including relatives residing at same address.
  • Validate hard copy records in real time (Passport, Driver’s License, and National Identity Card) and do reverse search on address.
  • Run full IdentiChek® checks on results (including date of birth).
  • Conduct relative searches on subject throughout UK and elsewhere, including Surname Legitimacy Index Scan.
  • Use Ariel photography to look at addresses and businesses.
  • Use legacy data for gaining information on previous address and relationships and then conduct searches upon at least three levels of relatives, if possible.
  • Run Director reports for Home address, links to other businesses and Dates of Birth.
  • Run Company reports to view all associated Directorships, profit, net worth, No of employees, and date business opened.

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