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EuroChek® - A True Aggregated Database Solution

EuroChek® Fetches Original Class Documents

The EuroChek® product includes some details regarding officers and directors, but does allow the user to obtain copies of actual filings regarding the company’s history and claimed ownership. In some cases, the beneficial owners are listed in various records, including certificate of incorporation, registered office documents, director’s details, Certificate of Good Standing.

Record Retrieval Should be "Independently Conducted"

Office blocks at canary wharf docklands londonIdentity verification – whether at the business or individual level – should be conducted in an "independent" fashion. US Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) mandate identity verification be best accomplished when done independently and by an unbiased third party.

EuroChek® data on our Main Data Content, aggregated into a single report based upon a search of a company’s name, or address or phone number, but also includes many other important sources such as the County Courts, High Courts, Companies Court, London and Edinburgh Gazette that may disclose negative, adverse, or derogatory data. In the UK, some of the sources include:

EuroChek® is the perfect third-party check service to demonstrate that checks are done independent of the client firm. Clients ought not to be required to provide corporate identity documentation directly because of the inherent risk of forgery, identity theft or common mistakes. Often companies will use monikers or slight permutations of their name, e.g., ABC, LLC, or ABC Co., Ltd., or ABC Limited Company – sometimes purposefully. Only a careful examination of the underlying documents filed with the public registries clarify the company’s identity.

EuroChek® – A True Aggregated Database Solution

Most company information that is available through conventional databases is derived from publicly filed records. It is sometimes augmented by "self-confessed" data, or information provided by the company itself. Additionally, third party reported information or opinions provided by pundits and experts are included in some database products. Finally, analytical summary information is sometimes a useful tool for evaluating a company’s credit, financial or asset standing

    Four Courts Building in Dublin, Irland
  1. Companies Court to see if any winding up petitions exist
  2. Companies House
  3. County Court Judgments and Bankruptcies
  4. County Courts for any Judgments
  5. Credit Rating shows the financial strength
  6. Electoral Roll Confirmation
  7. Financial Extracts to see trading performance
  8. High Courts for any writs
  9. Individuals for Anti Money Laundering Reports
  10. Insight a special credit association database showing details of bank accounts opened and other financial data
  11. Linked Addresses
  12. London & Edinburgh Gazette for any adverse data
  13. Royal Mail Address File for address verification
  14. Telephone Numbers and Date of Birth Verification

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