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AML and JMLSG Compliant

EuroChek® is Anti Money Laundering (AML) And Joint Money Laundering Steering Groups (JMLSG) Compliant – Results are Instantly Available.

In the European Union, anti- money laundering initiatives and solutions are generally the responsibility of the management of regulated firms to ensure that they have proper Anti Money Laundering (AML) systems and procedures in place.

The EuroChek® database contains information that can be used to verify the identity of over 45 million UK individuals, as well as 244 million citizens of the United States. EuroChek® can provide instant corporate name checks and corporate reports on over 100 million companies worldwide.

Any of the companies to which we have instant access can be further researched to include obtaining official copies of records that are on file with the Company Registry. These include copies of original documents such as certificates of incorporation, certificates of good standing as well as other documents on public file.

EuroChek® is used by money laundering officers as well as leading law firms, accountancy firms, banks, company secretaries, credit controllers, journalists, compliance officers and anyone who needs to obtain instant, current and accurate information on companies and individuals. The EuroChek® database is patterned after the mandates found under the Joint Money Laundering Steering Groups (JMLSG) new Guidance Notes on the prevention of money laundering and, as in the UK, AML rules don’t apply just to financial services firms.

Since March 2004, Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Company Formation Agents and High Value Dealers are all required to comply with the regulations or face severe legal penalties if they do not.

Part of this compliance relates to the identification of customers. New guidance from the JMLSG suggests that regulated firms should first obtain standard information about a client and then verify that information by seeking independent confirmation from official sources such as company registry searches. Further verification of directors and beneficial owners may also be required depending on the perceived risk.

EuroChek® Business Search System

  • Unleash the full power of over 300 million business and residential records, with Xsearch® the unique search engine.
  • Reverse searching allows you to find everyone in SW6 or everyone who lives at 21 Acacia Avenue and much more.
  • Advanced searching allows you to find all the John Smiths and Jill Browns who live together, who else lives there and who their neighbors are and their neighbors telephone numbers.
  • Wildcard searching allows you to search on partial information, such as Gre* rather than Green or Greer.
  • Director Searching links Corporate Ownership and the Directors Home Address.
  • Aerial Photography provides a photo of the property.
  • Routing information tells you how to get there.

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